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Introducing RFID Protect

In April 2010, Alchemy Creative Solutions Ltd embarked upon a new venture with the ambition of generating additional income streams and expanding its range of services. RFID Protect allows the Company to supply various ‘anti-skim’ sleeves, wallets, and ID card shields that are designed specifically to offer protection against unauthorised access to ‘contactless technology’.

Our company has been pleased to support the work of Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust; helping to promote crime reduction and safer communities and to date there has been a real measure of interest in this project.

RFID enabled devices that you may already possess include, but not exclusively, credit cards, passports, identity cards, travel cards, ski-passes and many passes for electronic ‘swipe card’ door entry systems. Components can be extremely small, and you may not even be aware that an item you carry about every day is already RFID enabled!

You may not know what information is stored on your RFID chip, but is it worth the risk of allowing someone else to read your data – without your knowledge?

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Introducing Quiet Rooms

Silence is golden, or so the saying goes.

But in a world where corporate espionage and phone hacking are commonplace a space that’s shielded from electronic eavesdropping is arguably worth more than its weight in gold.

Quiet Rooms are just that – secure areas within your office or home where signals from mobile phone or electronic surveillance devices cannot penetrate. Built into the actual fabric of the building (normally at the construction stage), we offer low-impact solutions for those that really value their privacy. Outstanding performance with minimum intrusion our Quiet Rooms are a synthesis of functionality, cutting-edge technology and design excellence.

Silence is golden!

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